Carpet Cleaning

Residential or Commercial carpet cleaning solutions on call. Whether it’s move out day and you need a great carpet clean, you’re just maintaining clean and healthy carpet or you need that stain gone now!

Our specialised team uses the latest hot water extraction carpet cleaners, utilise specialised spot cleaning treatments and deodorising where necessary to leave carpets clean and homes and work places smelling fresh.

Carpet Cleaning Auckland

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

  • Deep shampooing and hot water extraction leaves carpets cleaner
  • Spot cleaning and chemical application on those stubborn stains
  • Our hose-only system leaves bulky equipment out of the house avoiding further damage or tracking
Upholstery Cleaning Auckland

Upholstery & Curtain Cleaning

  • Clean deep stains and bring furniture back to life
  • Eliminate dust, food crumbs and dirt for a healthier home
  • Help get rid of allergy causing dust mites and mould from curtains
Flea Treatments

Flea Treatments

  • Thorough and complete application to rid your home of fleas and eggs safely
  • Dry finish leaves an unfavourable environment for fleas regenerating
  • Treatments are guaranteed
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